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The COMPLETE Guide to prevent Hair Loss

Preventing Hair Loss has become easier for you

Living fast, trying to keep up with everything the day brings can have its tolls especially on our health. A big part of our lives is how we look and one of the first thing that comes to mind is our hair. Men and women spend a great deal of time fixing their hair and making it look perfect. One of the most common tools of living fast and with many problems on the way is hair loss.

It’s generally known that a third of the population today suffers from hair loss. It is a very natural process and should not worry you too much but it should also be attended on time so you could contribute to your hair growth. Studies have shown that there are many reasons for hair loss which could include stress, a deficit of vitamins and minerals, some medication and also pollution and genetics might be the cause. In the case where men suffer from hair loss, wearing a cap or helmet might be the reason. These are just one of many reasons. Below you can read about how to try to prevent hair loss and influence on hair regrowth in three different categories.

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 Simple Daily Life Methods that will change your hair forever
 13 Must-eat Foods for preventing hair loss (+ Must-avoid Foods)
 Amazing products that will bring powerful results to your hair


Simple Daily Life Methods that will change your hair forever

1) Regular washing and limiting hair dryers

Part of preventing hair loss is washing it regularly. It’s a good way to keep the hair and also the scalp clean so you would lower most of the risks of infection that lead to breakage and hair loss. From a visual perspective, washed hair gives better volume effectiveness. Also after washing come the drying part that is very damaging for the hair. Constant heat could cause a deficit of brightness and makes the hair more fragile. This causes constant hair loss little by little. Other products and devices like hot curlers, straighteners and brushes can cause the same problem. You should use these devices very carefully so you wouldn’t damage the scalp because continuous damage to the scalp can cause permanent damage to hair follicles. The best solution, in this case, is the natural drying of your hair and as more often as you can you should practice this.

Brushing wet hair can also contribute in some way in weakening the state of the hair which causes hair loss to increase. A solution for this is using a comb but a wide-toothed one and don’t brush it too frequently so you would avoid injuring it. Untangling should be done only with your fingers and not with a brush or a comb.

2) Vitamins to prevent hair loss

For the overall health vitamins are the best and most natural treatment. Vitamins are very good for your hair and improve the health of the scalp especially vitamin A, which encourages the production of sebum. Vitamin E is good for blood circulation in the whole body and also in the scalp which is very important for strengthening the hair and vitamin B’s task is to give the hair a healthy, fresh and full color.

3) Avoid Smoking and Stress

Extremely important for preventing hair loss is to avoid two things that are considered as big causers, smoking and stress. By smoking you intoxicate your blood which goes through your scalp and causes hair loss. Avoiding stress is crucial because studies show that more and more people suffer from hair loss due to leading a stressful life. Therefor meditation and de-stressing is a must if you want to keep your hair from falling and keeping it healthy.

13 Must-eat Foods for preventing hair loss (+ Must-avoid Foods)

1) The importance of healthy food

Very important part of hair health and generally the health of the whole body is the diet and especially the type of food we ingest. Proteins are very important for hair health and they can be ingested by eating lean meats and fish for example. Iron is a very important mineral that can be found in meat and if there is a deficit of iron in the blood it can cause significant hair loss. Also hair loss can be slowed down by changing the diet and implementing more vegetables (like broccoli and spinach) and fruits. This way you encourage faster hair growth.

2) Get enough Omega-3 acids

To keep your hair healthy and also prevent it from becoming dry, you need a sufficient amount of omega-3 acids. These acids are a part of the scalp and their job is to keep the hair and scalp hydrated.  They are in the category of fats that the body doesn’t produce itself and they need to be obtained from food and special diet.  Fish like tuna and salmon, are one of the biggest containers of omega-3, but also by eating nuts, pumpkin and other seed you can get enough omega-3 fats.

3) Essential oils, garlic juice and lots of water

For people suffering from hair loss for some time it is important that they rub their scalp with essential oils. This way they keep the hair follicles very active and encourage hair regrowth. Lavender is a good choice, mixed in almond or sesame oil. Also garlic or onion juice put on the scalp has a positive effect. If you don’t mind the smell, leave it overnight and then wash it in the morning. If you repeat this process regularly for at least a week, you will see excellent results.

Drinking lots of water is good for the whole body but it is essential for the growth of healthy hair. Drinking five to eight glasses water a day is the best course of action in these case.



Visit the doctor

There are some situations where hair loss is a very important indicator for a severe medical problem that must be checked by a doctor and respectively attended. If you notice an unusual pattern of losing hair or the amount is increasing, you need to tell these symptoms to a doctor. Pain, itching and red scalp can also be indicator for a medical issue. Making an appointment is essential in these situations, even if it seem like a small issue or not so important, it is worth it to check it out.

The 9 characteristics of Healthy Hair

For everyone, hair is important. It accentuates our beauty, boosts our confidence and makes us the center of attention. Thus, our desire to grow strong hair is impulsive. We can go through rigorous processes and spend money on expensive products just to have luxurious hair.

Many times, our definition of healthy hair depends on several factors that are important to us. For some it is hair length, for others, it is the volume or shininess.

Basically, there are about 9 characteristics or ways that shows your hair is healthy. They include:

–    Minimal shedding

–    Smoothness

–    Responds well to moisture

–    Dandruff free scalp

–    Minimal breakage

–    Shiny locks

–    Elasticity

–    Movement

–    Repels water

–    Fast drying time


Yes, it is natural for some of your hair to shed every day. But if your hair falls off easily and in large amounts daily, then there is a problem. A strong hair does not fall out in the shower or on your bedding while asleep. It also doesn’t remain on your comb or brush after you have styled your hair.

Normally, we lose about 80 strands of hair every day. So if you are losing less, then give your hair some credit, it is healthy.


Like shedding, our hair naturally breaks, but for a hair growing healthily, this breakage must be minimal. A hair that breaks frequently is unhealthy. Your hair should naturally respond to a tug, by returning to its natural form not breaking. Breakage indicates dryness or lack of elasticity.


The second characteristic of a luxurious hair is smoothness. Even if your hair growth is amazing, if it is brittle, then things are not so good.  If you run your hand through your hair and it gets caught in a tangled or stiff web, then there is a problem. If your hair is brittle or dry it is not so healthy. A healthy hair is usually moisturized, soft and smooth to the touch


Interestingly, moisture offers a litmus test for determining the condition of your hair. Damaged hair responds badly to moisture, it is unable to withstand humidity and frizzes. If your hair is healthy, it will retain its nature when exposed to humidity. A naturally straight hair will remain straight and a curly hair will stay curly.


The presence of dandruff on a scalp is not a good sign at all. Its presence on the scalp is one of the most obvious pointers that all is not well with your hair.

More so, the white flakes are not the only scalp related pointers. When there is a discoloration on your scalp, it says a lot about the condition of your hair. A hair in good and healthy condition has good pigment. Like the face or skin, it is free of irritation or any form of discoloration.


Luster and shine are very important characteristics of a healthy and luxurious hair. This is not about drenching your hair in oil; it should shine in its natural state.


The ability of your hair to return to its natural form when tugged or stretched is a test of its elasticity. If your hair returns to its form with breaking, then surely, it is quite healthy. Lack of elasticity may be caused by too much processing and can result in breakage.


Like a healthy human, hair has this life and bounce that reflect its health. When your hair is healthy, it moves easily while retaining its volume and luscious look. But damaged hair lies lifeless because of excess penetration.


Another quick way to determine your hair health is by doing a simple water test. When placed in water, a healthy hair will float because the cuticles are closed. A damaged hair will sink because of its closed cuticles.


If a hair is porous and damaged, it takes a long time to dry. However, if hair is in good health, it dries quickly

The right habits for hair growth

Now that you know these characteristics, did your hair pass the tests? Don’t worry about the answer as I will share with you the right habits for hair growth. These habits are the secrets to grow strong hair that attracts attention. They’re quite simple if you put your mind to it and make little adjustments to your routine.

Eat Healthily

Your hair is a part of your body, so it is as healthy as your body. Meeting your hair goal requires that you eat healthily. A balanced diet every day is more important now than ever. It is important to point out here that to grow luxurious hair; you need protein-rich foods.

Since the hair is made primarily of protein, you need to eat protein to keep them growing. Include more chicken, turkey, dairy products, legumes and nuts in your diet to boost hair growth.

In addition to proteins, you will need to stock up on minerals and vitamins. Minerals and Cummins like iron, vitamin B complex, zinc, and vitamin D are great for improving hair health. You can decide to up the intake of minerals and vitamins through food or by taking supplements.

Stay natural

It is always tempting to resort to heat styling products the first chance we get, but that is an impulse you will have to give up. As much as possible, stay natural. Heat styling products strip the hair of its moisture, making it dry and susceptible to breakage.

Protect your hair

Whether you are about using those flat/curling irons or about going outdoors protection is important. Before using hot appliances on your hair, use a year protector. Use a hat to protect your hair from the elements when you are Outdoor.

No super hot showers

Getting into a very hot shower maybe soothing, but the hot water causes your scalp to lose oil and thus dry up. It also increases tangles which lead to breakage.

Brush your hair the right way

Yes, there is a right or correct way to brush hair. There is also a wrong way to brush. Brushing from the tips to the root is right while brushing from the root to the tips is wrong because it rips our hair out of the follicle. Other wrong ways to brush, is brushing when your hair is wet and brushing with the wrong brush. Did you also know that brushing too often or using a dirty brush is incorrect?

Skip tying your hair

The natural desire is to tie your hair back when you need to get work done with your hair getting in the way. But you have to lose that habit completely or, when necessary, tie loosely. You must also learn to never tie your hair when it’s wet. To prevent hair breakage from tying, use elastics that are metal-free.


You are trying to grow your hair, it doesn’t make sense to cut or trim it right? Yes, this doesn’t make sense to a lot of us, but it works. These trims keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends that can work up your strands and make you have to cut more hair. Keep trimming for faster hair growth, but remember, moderation is the keyword. Your hairstylist should know what to do.

Correct drying

Like brushing, there is a correct way to dry your hair. The hair is usually less elastic when wet, so don’t begin blow drying too soon. Allow the hair to dry up a bit (up to 80%), before styling. If you decide to dry first with a towel, be gentle.

Less washing

Furthermore, you do not need to shampoo your hair every day. Three days a week is enough for most. When you over-wash, it removes oil from your scalp, leaving your scalp and hair dry.

Switch up your hair products

One secret to luxurious hair growth may lie in the products, but another secret is to switch them. No matter how good shampoo or conditioner is, you must switch from time to time. This will prevent your hair from getting used to the same product.

Do you want a Healthy hair growth? Then Avoid the following:

You have seen all you should do to meet your hair goal. Let’s quickly look at those simple things that you should avoid for best results.

–    Do not be rough on your hair. When you wash, do it gently. Begin from the scalp up, while taking your fingers through your strands gently.

–    Do not use conditioners made with parabens and silicones. It weighs the hair down and causes it to lose its luster.

–    Do not rush your conditioning time. Allow the conditioner for up to 5 minutes to get absorbed and moisturize the hair.

Ultimately, the beauty and health of your hair are in your hands. Even if your hair is damaged, you can transform it into a luscious and perfect mane.



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