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How to Мaintain Healthy Hair

Hair growth, hair growth, and hair growth. We live in a modern world, full of stressful situations, always rushing to do something, to go somewhere and barely keeping time to dedicate to ourselves. Although the stress and the rushing towards our goals are inevitable, still, we have to find some time and devote to things that are very important in our life, things like our appearance.

One of the crucial things and probably that one thing that meets the eye the most on our first appearance is the hair. Is it tidy? Is it healthy-looking? Or is it a complete mess?! Maintaining our looks on a top level is something that should be applied by everyone all the time. No matter how hard our day was, or how much work we had, we need to find the time, even for a short period and make ourselves presentable and good-looking.

Maintaining healthy hair is a process that cannot be ignored or neglected. Any mistreatment will result in messy and untidy hair, and if we continue with the negligence, the final result may even be hair loss. It is extremely important to develop a habit of preserving our hair nice and healthy. Even though this process seems like a hard and exhausting thing to do, we can assure you that it is not. Actually, if you follow our instructions, and everyday tips and tricks, we can guarantee you that it is quite simple and easy.

Learn how to treat your hair like royalty

One of the most common mistakes people make is washing their hair every day. However, as good and clean as may this seem, in the long term, you will actually damage your hair and maybe even cause hair loss. To prevent the hair loss and to have healthy hair, it is medically recommended to wash your hair with a shampoo, two or three times a week the most. The other days of the week you can just simply wash it with clean water, and you will keep the natural hair growth and healthy look. Whenever you wash your hair with a shampoo, do not use shampoos that are enriched with chemicals, such as silicones and sulfates. Simply choose a shampoo that is organic-based, or made of natural ingredients, and most importantly a shampoo that is suited for your hair type, and voila, your hair growth and healthy hair looks are guaranteed. Do not forget to use a conditioner, to smoothen and make your hair more manageable. This way you can easily brush it, and cause less damage, thus preventing additional hair loss. If you are prone to infections or itching use mild shampoos and make sure you wash your hair gently and rinse thoroughly. If it is not necessary, always try to avoid hair colors, because they tend to damage the hair and scalp, and encourage the process of hair loss.

Change your bad habits; so you can have healthy hair back

In the past people didn’t have many options regarding the hair treatment, however, nowadays we can easily get everything we want, from various shampoos to masks and other hair supplements. Although these things help us deal with our everyday hair problems, they can be potentially dangerous for our hair growth and our goal towards healthy hair, if they are used frequently and inadequately. It is proven that natural hair supplement such as coconut oil, honey, olive oil, avocado and even apple cider vinegar are our friends in the way of getting a smooth and healthy hair.

A significant factor in achieving our goal is the change in everyday food intake. If we want our hair to have a healthy look and to stimulate hair growth, and prevent hair loss, we need to start eating healthy and increase the consumption of food that is rich with vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are crucial in maintaining healthy hair. Also, food like fish, whole grains, nuts, beans, eggs and many others that are rich with protein will guarantee hair growth.

Still, if you are not a fan of eating fruits, vegetables, or even fish, you can always take supplements, that are rich in these vitamins, minerals and proteins, however, you should remember that natural and fresh is always the best choice.

Develop constant and useful changes for healthy hair:

·       Regular trimming

As one thing that is shown quite useful in the process of stimulating hair growth is the frequent trimming. It is recommended to get a haircut, optionally every 6-8 weeks, depending on the person, just to remove the dead ends and the damaged parts. However, we advise you that it is for the best if you seek a bit of professional advice from your hair stylist.

·       Avoid excessive use of heat

Another thing that you must always do, is to use heat protection layers or sprays. Direct heat should never be applied to your hair. Too much heat will also damage your hair, and your healthy hairstyle will disappear. The heat will remove the moisture and even burn your hair. This will probably result in additional hair loss.

·       Comb your hair on a daily basis

Comb and brush your hair every day, especially in the morning, and after washing. Always use specialized brushes. That way you will make sure it will not be ruined. But be advised, not to brush it too frequently, because you will damage your hair and your scalp.

·       Be good to your self

If you watch and treat yourself the best way possible, your hair will show gratitude too. Having a good night sleep and reducing stress will definitely help you in attaining healthy hair and prevent a hair loss. You can also start exercising. That way you will reduce the stress and have a good night’s sleep.


We hope that you will find our advice useful, and it will help you in maintaining a healthy hairstyle and prevent early hair loss. Your hair defines you, and your everyday character, so make sure it is always smooth, shiny and well-organized. Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves to look beautiful, not just for the others, but for ourselves too.


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