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How to grow hair faster??

You know you’re doing something right when your hair feels like a crown. With every strand and lock flowing, you feel comfortable anywhere you go. That’s because you’ve put in a lot of work to make sure your hair stands out. Not everyone’s lucky, though. Some would give out an arm to make their hair grow faster. Hair growth is a common topic.

Everybody seems to have an opinion on what works for them and the best techniques to have the ideal hair. Some of these techniques have led to hair loss. When this happens, they find themselves at the crossroads of hair regrowth and restoration.

It’s not an uncommon problem. Many people seek short-term solutions that make things worse. Growing your hair is an art. As such, only the best methods apply. You can grow your hair faster or have a genuine restoration. All you have to do is sit back and take note of the following.

You’ve got to eat right first for healthy hair

Want to grow your hair faster? Or want a faster hair restoration? You have to be conscious about what goes into your mouth. What you eat affects hair growth. You can have all the hair products in the world – organic or chemical – and still not get it right. There are some foods that are wrong for you and by extension, your hair.

Foods rich in nutrients and minerals impact your hair. Such foods include omega 3 acids, proteins, vitamins D and a whole lot more. Minerals such as iron and zinc give your hair that glossy and healthy look. Wonder why your hair breaks so much and you’re back to square one? You don’t eat right!

You may have to rethink your diet and nutrition to ‘feed’ your hair properly. Wishing for hair regrowth or faster hair growth won’t cut it. You have to cover every basic. Eating right is one of them.

Treat your scalp well

Ever been to a plant nursery or well-tended garden? Noticed how the plants develop well and flourish? It is as a result of good soil, which gives them a great foundation to grow. How does this relate to hair growth? The scalp plays a similar role to the soil. Also, the scalp is the breeding ground for the perfect hair we crave.

If you don’t want to be in the desperate situation of hair restoration and regrowth, treat your scalp well. Any treatment has to be on the regular. Exfoliate and cleanse for desired effects. You’ll see the benefits in no time as your hair begins to grow faster.

Some people take scalp treatments for granted. How else will you stimulate good blood circulation? Or strengthen the roots of your hair? There are products to help you give your scalp a good treatment to encourage hair growth.

Using the best products for faster hair growth

There are many products out there that can either make or mar your hair. In our quest for faster hair growth or hair restoration, choosing the best product matters. Whether they be organic, natural or synthetic, the products should help foster hair growth. Further, shampooing and conditioning your hair should be done proportionately. An ideal hair product is one that complements existing natural nutrients to good effect. When you use a shampoo, follow it up with a good conditioner.

Most people prefer products that are based on nature. Plants contain essential nutrients that can help your hair grow faster. Some of these products have properties to aid hair regrowth and hair restoration.

A good trim always helps for healthy hair

I hope you understand this point. So don’t reach out for scissors and chop down your beautiful locks. Some hairs get worn and dry when you leave them for so long. They can also change color. The best way to regenerate these hairs is to trim them.

Trimming gives them strength a new lease of life. Also, you can carry out this act every 2-4 months to have even hair growth. Don’t worry about losing some hair. Trimming it means a stronger and better hair regrowth.

Trimming your hair reduces split ends and breakage. Your hair length increases over time at a good pace. Also, thinning can be avoided by trimming. For good hair, restoration sacrifices a little to gain more in the long-term.

You don’t need to wash your hair all the time

You take the shampoo out and smear it all over your hair. Next, you gently massage and spread evenly. Leaving it a little while before washing. This is all good. But what’s wrong? You’re doing it every day!

Washing your hair every day or always is one sure way of killing hair growth. Yes, we need to keep our hair clean, long and healthy. But the fact is you’d be doing the exact opposite washing it all the time. Furthermore, you lose many essential nutrients and oils needed for faster hair growth.

You tamper with hair regrowth and hair restoration when you wash often. Apart from the fact that you lose moisture, your hair gets weakened. Weak hair and faster hair growth don’t go together.

Too much brushing impedes faster hair growth

Some people need reverse psychology to help wean them off brushing their hair too often and too much. I give your hair some credit for being strong enough to withstand your constant brushing.

While using a brush isn’t too bad, maintaining a healthy balance sure helps. If you imagine brushing your hair aids faster hair growth, then you need a rethink. Brushing has its benefits. Such as, stronger scalp, spreading and releasing natural oils. Just don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t brush your hair vigorously when it’s wet.

Choosing the right brush also matters. Find the right feel for your hair. Brush with a bit of grace and finesse. Unless you want to hurt your hair. Further, the direction of brushing matters. Don’t brush from the scalp down. That only leaves your hair weak and prone to breaking. It is better to start from the ends and move up gently. That way, hair growth, and hair restoration get a boost.

Give hair supplements a chance

Sometimes the food we eat does not contain adequate nutrients for faster hair growth. This is where artificial supplements come in. These supplements contain iron, fulvic acid and other vital nutrients that make your hair fuller, longer and firmer.

Your hair growth is boosted with these supplements that a diet may struggle to provide. It’s not uncommon to experience hair loss once in a while. A supplement of nutrients will lead to good hair regrowth.

Supplements are also great for hair regrowth and hair restoration. The impact is almost instant because the supplements target your hair. Your scalp is not left out. It benefits greatly. It’s like applying fertilizer or manure to a flower.

Use disinfectants to keep hair and scalp neat

Microbial infections are a dangerous proposition. They affect the scalp and hair. In fact, it’s a huge unhealthy mess. Diseases like eczema and dermatitis to mention a few, are caused by microbial infections.

If the situation gets so bad, you may have to shave off your hair completely. You can keep your hair neat using the right medications and clinically proven products. A damaged scalp will not assist faster hair growth.

A large part of faster hair growth is having the right foundation. Any infection that threatens the hair and scalp should be immediately dealt with.

Heat-styling tools complicate things; damage your hair

Heat-styling tools impede faster hair growth and hair restoration. Heat-styling can cause hair to break and frizz. You risk further damage when you over-style your hair. Heat causes hair to be dry. Also, you lose a lot of moisture when you blow-dry your hair. It can leave your scalp a little exposed. The ripple effect is that the hair follicles begin to wear thin.

Embrace your silk pillow cover for your hair

You need to take every necessary step to achieve faster hair growth. This includes changing out your pillow sheets. A silk pillow sheet is smooth and comfortable. It’s less harmful to your hair. Your hair is left in the right shape when you wake up. If you are using a cotton pillow cover, you might want to change to a silk cover for hair regrowth.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be nonchalant about faster hair growth. Make the best out of these points for better quality and length of hair.


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